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Extras by Scott Westerfeld

book: Extras
written by: Scott Westerfeld
genres: Dystiopian, young adult
pages: 417
own / library / borrowed
release date: January 1st 2007
series?  Uglies #4
publisher, version I read: Simon Pulse

note: I already read and reviewed the other books in the series, Uglies, Pretties and Specials. Click on the titles and the links will take you to the reviews :)

the book: 
Aya Fuse is just an extra, someone who's not important and has a very low rank of popularity. She has to work for her 'merits' (money) and has to find a way to boost her popularity rank, which is 451369. One of the ways you can boost your rank is by kicking  a story. You kick a story when you spread gossip and/or trends via the city feeds. There are no more bubbleheads, and Tally Youngblood has become a legend. She is the most famous person in the city, but nobody has ever seen her in person. Then Aya meets the Sly Girls, and she sees a great story that will make her famous. But then she finds out something far more important and dangerous than the Sly Girls. But will kicking that story put her in danger?

my review:
The series is getting more of the same. But at least this was a new main character and a new city. Also you were introduced to one more type of people with strange brain surge, the other Extras. I did not like this city, because now it was not about who's pretty and who's ugly, but about who's popular and who isn't. When you have an average face rank, and meet someone who's pretty famous you should bow for them and use all this names to show them that they are better than you are, and to me that's horrible. It's like the whole world is one big episode of gossip girl.
Luckily, Tally Youngblood did return. She was still a very interesting character, with her own problems and own way of thinking. And she was saving the world, again *her saving the world did become kinda boring, but still* Girls rule the world :)
The cover of this book is the best cover of the whole series, I love the eyes :D She is an ugly, but looks pretty to me. Only a big nose, which makes everyone call her Nosey :)
We are also introduced to Frizz in this book. He seems awesome, because he has this awesome type of brain surge, Radical Honesty. That means he cannot lie. I think it would suck if you could not lie, but also I think it is a very good way to stop lying. I would call this a great invention which can cause a lot of trouble...
But this book was not as good as Specials, some parts bored me and wanted me to give up reading this book, while other parts of this book were great, which made me feel very confused.

so total:
2.5 stars for Extras!

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