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Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

book: Masquerade
written by: Cambria Hebert
genres: romance, young adult, fantasy, shapeshifters
pages: 392
own / library / borrowed
release date: December 16th 2011
series?: yes, Heven and Hell #1 
publisher: Otherworld publications

note: I was super surprised that I had won this book via a giveaway, because it was the first time I had won an ebook. Ever! The cover art is awesome!!! You should read this book! Go read it now (after you've read my review of course ;) )

the book:
Heven's life changed. Before her life was normal. Now her face is scarred. She does not know how she got them. She does not know how to deal with the looks people give her. She changes and hides, always. But then she meets Sam. Immediately she falls in love. But her best friend is pretending to date with him. It seems as if the scars do not matter to him. It seems as if he loves her. Finally they get together. But how long will they have? Death is luring over their shoulders. Part by part Heven discovers what has given her the scars. But will she like what she finds out?

my review:
Oh. My F*cking. Godd!!! This is an awesome debut novel! I seriously cannot wait to read Heven and Hell #2!! Heven is this character I did not like at the beginning. She seemed very unconfident of herself all the time, because of the scars. Hiding all the time is a bad thing.  But then I started to like her c: . I like her best friend, Kimber because she did not care about the scars and behaved like a real friend. But I also hated her. Because she behaves like a selfish bitch all the time. But like-hating a character is normal for me xD
The romance in this book was great. It was no love triangle, so that made it good. It was not twilight-ish. It was sometimes a little bit unrealistic, but I did not care c: 
This book is super creative, and you will love it! It kept on surprising me. 
And the cover made me want to read the book in the first place. Then I read the synopsis of the book and I wanted to read it more, and then I saw all the 4-and 5-star reviews and it became a must-read to me :) So I read it and boom! I have fallen in love with this book!!!

5 / 5 shiny sparkling stars

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