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2012 reading challenges

Hello everyone! 
happy new year!!

a new year means new books and new reading challenges! 

I created a page for this post, so you can click on the page if you'd like to. I will update that page throughout the year.

There are lots of reading challenges, but I am still looking in which I will participate in 2012
Here are a few I will do:

the DAC (Debut Author Challenge ) hosted by the story siren
I will read at least 12 debut novels, but I guess I will read a way more ;)

the ABC reading challenge, hosted by gripped into books
this comes down on reading 26 books, starting with a different letter of the alphabet :)

the goodreads reading challenge:
I want to read 200 books this year. You can see a widget on my blog!

and well, there might be more... :) 

xo Mar

ps: click the pictures for signing up :)
and if you know some awesome reading challenges please tell me about them!

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