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Deadly little secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

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book: Deadly little secret
written by: Laurie Faria Stolarz
genres: romance, paranormalcy, young adult
pages: 252
own / library / netgalley
release date: december 16th, 2008
series?: yes, Touch #1
publisher: Disney Hiperion books

note: Thanks to NetGalley and Disney Hiperion books for letting me read and review this book c:

the book: Camelia is just a normal teen, on high school. She almost gets killed in a car accident, but a mysterious guy saves her. She does not know who saved her, nobody saw him and nobody knows him. But then he goes to the same school as she does. Everybody thinks he is the scary dude, that killed his ex-girlfriend, but Camelia is sure that he's the one who's saved her. Then she starts recieving photo's of herself, and scary messages and presents. She is stalked. But who is it, and is he as dangerous as it seems...?

my review:
So, I liked and hated this book
-Why like?
Because of the ending, because you keep on guessing who's the stalker, and when you find out you are surprised (at least I was...) That made the book good. You could also read some diary-like things of the Stalker, and first it was obvious to me who was the stalker, but then you start thinking about it and you see that your brain is messing with you, and the stalker is not who you think it is...
-Why hate?
This book was so much like Twilight. They become Chem (biology ) lab partners. The girl falls in love with the boy, even tough he is totally out of her league AND does only show how much he hates her. Then she is stalked and everybody says it's him but she does not care that he might be dangerous. Then she figures out that there's somthing big wrong with the boy but she does just not care (like in twilight, he's a vampire and can kill her any time but she does not care at all) and then she finds out that he kind-of-killed his ex and she still loves him O.o and it gets worse, but I cannot tell you because there will be too much spoilers.
I do so hate Twilight, but authors keep on showing the Twilight-effect :$

Still, I liked the story c: Just hated the twilight-like thingies. 

Again, thank you NetGalley
and I will read part 2 in the series, and Give it another chance!

2.8 stars / 5 

xo Mar

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elena said...

Hmm interesting review! I'm quite curious who the Stalker is now. I really like the cover of this book but never really felt the need to pick it up. Hopefully the next book is better!

Big Momma said...

Big Momma likes the way you give the pros and the cons in your review. That's just the way to do it. (smiley face is right here)

Mar said...

Thanks for the like and the comment c: (<- smiley face is right there and there -> ) C: