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Plague by Michael Grant

Yo peeps, whats up?
First book I re-read in 2012 FTW

book:  Plague
written by:  Michael Grant
genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Young Adult, fantasy
pages: 497
own / library / borrowed
release date: April 5th, 2011
series?: yes, Gone #4
publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

note:  I actually re-read this book pretty soon after reading it. I read this book in august 2011, and loved it. Now I re-read it in Dutch, and I figured out that I had forgotten lots of things that happened. Definitely not a bad choice to re-read this book!

the book: The life in the FAYZ continues. But there are new obstacles to overcome. There is a kind of flu pandemic that kills people by letting them cough up their organes, there are some strange green bugs that eat their way through you. More of the horror. And that's not all; there also is the Drake/Brittany creature that tries to fight its way to the Gaiaphage, the creator of the FAYZ and the murderer of many innocent kids. Will the kids of the FAYZ survive, or will life in the FAYZ end...?

my review:
I love the series. It is kind of horror-like, so slightly out of my comfort zone, but still I will call this book epic awesomeness. (okay, I call almost everything Epic Awesomeness, but this time I mean it!) What makes this series so special to me? I think it is that the characters are sometimes hardly human (like; when they burn things or run too quick or remove gravity...) but they keep on thinking as if they are as human as possible. This book kind of got the same old, in the beginning. But then people started to die and stuff and it got awesome. (no, I'm not someone who loves people dying, I just like to read stories about dying people ;) ) Then there is this Drake/Brittany thing that totally got my attention. I mean, 2 zombies in 1. best invention ever?! Also the way they behave is so totally different I would almost say that it's impossible.
Then there are the many POV's. You can read from Sam's, Astrid's, Orc's, Albert's, Drake/Brittany's Pete's and Sanjit's POV, and I think there are even more I have forgotten. It is extraordinairy for a book to have so many POVs! But it is great to keep the book changing all the time.
I still do not like Astrid, and still have lots of respect for Sam. I still don't like that every child is dying, but still love to read about it. I still want to know all FAYZs secrets, and I still want to read the next part. I still won't give up on these series, and I still want Orc to go to rehab :$
But I have to admit that the series would have been better if it had been written in 3 parts max. 6 is a little bit overdone... 

4.5 stars :D

xo Mar

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