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The Fiend and the Forge by Henry H. Neff

book: The Fiend and the Forge
written by:  Henry H. Neff
genres: fantasy, adventure, young
pages: 560 (!)
own / library / borrowed
release date: November 23th, 2010
series?: The Tapestry, #3
publisher: Random House for young readers

note:  I read the first two books, and forgot all about the series. But then I walked into the library, and I saw this book. And I found myself curious about this book, so I thought; why not...? And I started reading. I had forgotten all the names, and the first 100 pages were a drama for me...

the book: The demon Astaroth has taken over the whole world. Humans are not important anymore, they are used as food, mostly. The only safe place is Rowan academy, the academy for young 'wizards'. Max McDaniels, the wolfhound of Rowan, wants to free the world of demons. Then his father gets killed, and he has to kill the demon which killed his father, as revenge. But it is an almost impossible task to fullfill. Also there is his roommate and best friend, David Menlo, who is acting strange. What on earth is he doing?

my review: 
As far as I remember I liked the first two parts. But I did not love them... There were lots of names that I did not remember, which made reading this book pretty hard in the beginning. But slowly my memory came back, and finally I remembered most of it. The characters still are pretty good. There is this boy, Max, who is the #1 fighter of the world or something, and he has special physical powes. And that makes him awesome. But when you start thinking of it he is just like Harry Potter, only a worse-developed version of him. Then there is David, the genius and mysterious one. I wished I knew him, because he seems this person I would love to have as my best friend. He is way more interesting than Max, and I think this book would have been a way better if it were (partly) written from David's point of view. You also have all the sorts of evil demons I would love to meet, but I never will, because they were all fantasy. This book was not realistic at all.
Still, the storyline was great, and there happened a lot. And that's why I did like it, I think. 
Also, I think that I was just a little bit too old for this book, but I did not really care C:

I would recommend this book to:
Boys aged 8-13, and other people that love action and fantasy. 

I give this book 3 stars 

xo Mar


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