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Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

book: Artemis Fowl
written by: Eoin Colfer
genres: humor, young, fantasy, crime
pages: 398
own / library / borrowed
release date: April 26th, 2001
series?: yes, Artemis Fowl #1
publisher: Miramax

note: I think I would have loved this book... If I were a boy 9-11 years old... I did definitely feel too old and too girly for this book. So if you loved this you might not like this review. Sorry, but I have to stay honest

the book: 
Artemis Fowl is a genius. He is a 12-year-old boy who is smarter than most men. Then he decides that he wants to have the money of the fairies. He kidnaps one of the elfBI, captain Holly Short, and tries to get the fairy gold. But fairies do live long, so they are very smart. Artemis Fowl has never been tricked. Who is smarter and wins this battle? Are it the fairies or is it a 12-year-old genius?

my review:
This was not what I espected it to be! I love the idea of a genius kid who is one of the biggest criminals in the world. I just don't like this book, I guess. It's just not my thing. Here are some reasons for that:
1) the pieces about the fairies: I have always liked fairies, but in this book they seem very dull, and I just cannot make myself like them. They have all those rules they are not allowed to break and they have to charge their powers. Like they are batteries. How stupid is that. Fairies are the ones that should fly around while cheering and throwing fairy dust, not the ones fighting trolls!
2) the way this book was written: this was 400 pages full of nothing. Because after reading, what did happen?  Nothing!! In the first page they say the boy is selfish, and it ends with him being selfish. So that's how I come to point 3
3) the romance in the book: HELL, I just cannot review this because there is none O.o It had been so long since my last book without romance... Maybe that's why I think this book was not written for girls but boys. I guess I am right. Maybe that's why only boys recommanded this book to me...
4) the cover: Not inviting people to read it at all, because it is just ugly!!
of course there were good things about this book. I think the story in general was OK, but the author could have improved the book a lot by having more interesting characters and a little bit of romance (or at least friendship) so that readers can relate a little more to it.

I give this book 2.3/5 stars

xo Mar

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