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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

book: Delirium
written by: Lauren Oliver
genres: dystiopian, romance, young adult
pages: 394
own / library / borrowed
release date: February 1st, 2011
series?: Delirium #1
publisher: HarperTeen

note: Omigod why did I wait this long to read this book. I fell in love with it while reading the synopsis. Which is very early, even for me O.o But I was not disappointed, at all! And I love this cover. It displays the book as it is!

The book: What if love were a disease? In the future it is! Life without this horrible disease is way better, but you cannot be cured until your 18th birthday. Lena's mother died due the illness, and Lena doesn't want to be infected. She is counting off the days until she gets cured. But then she does the uthinkable, and becomes infected. And the strangest thing about that is that she does not mind it. At all. He is all she can think about. The pain this disease brings is like everyone said. But the pain is good pain, pain she does not mind. Only now the date of the cure is approaching way to quick. There is no way to continue living without being cured, is there?

my review:
The future displayed in this book is in one word horrible. People are made to believe love is a disease. People stay away from the people that are 'infected' and the government matches you with the man you have to spend the rest of your life with. And to make it all worse, there also are the people from outside the city, who are attacking the government from the inside. 
I loved this book so much because of the strong characters, the great 'quotes' out of the kind of Bible of the future  government and the story in general. The characters were so good because they were really thinking as if it was not a book but just real life. I think that if it all really happened, there must have been people behaving exactely like Lena. I loved this quotes because they fitted each chapter very well. It must be difficult to make up a whole amout of quotes like that.
And above all, I loved the story! The story was influenced by other YA books and series like Uglies, The Hunger Games and Matched. But still, the author made it her own story, which I think was a perfect mix of the series and herself.
Lauren Oliver's writing stile is great, I love the way she makes her characters think, and the way you can relate to the characters she creates. Also, I love the creativity of this story. I have never read anything like this. Love is a disease. Wow...

5/5 stars, shining in the sky!

one more thing:
Are you saying you haven't read this book yet?! Run towards the bookshop/go to amazon/whatever and get this book. Read this book. Love this book!

xo Mar


Theta Sigma said...

Sounds like a great read and a great review.

Anonymous said...

Now I even want to read this book more after reading your review!