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Before I fall by Lauren Oliver

Hello everyone who's reading :)

Before I Fall
book: Before I fall
written by: Lauren Oliver
genre: Young Adult, death, romance
pages:  470
own / library / borrowed
release date: March 2nd, 2010
series?: no
publisher: HarperCollins

note:  I really wanted to read this book. It had been on my TBR pile for a long long time, but I had never started this. And when I finally did I did not have enough time. But Finally, here it is; My review :D *epicfailure*

the book:
Every day can be your last. Samantha 'Sam' Kingston lives her last day without knowing it is her last. She dies. But there is something special about her death. It appears that her 'mission' on earth has not been finished. She gets to relive her last day for one weer. During this week she figures out why she died. And tries to save lives, including her own. That's how she can change the way she behaves, everyday, and no-one remembers it the next. She tries to save her own life, but will she manage...? 

O.M.G. here is one of the things I tweeted while reading:
"Is it possible to be made laughing, crying, thinking, and about every emotion-ing by a book, before you've read the ending? IT IS O.o"
That's how I experienced this book. This is one of the best Debut novels I have ever read. I don't know how people cannot be touched by this book. 
When I started reading the book, after the first chapter I hated it! I did hate it because of the main character, Sam. I did not like her at all. I almost put down the book. But I am so lucky I didn't! Then I started reading chapter 2, and it made no sense at all.  but then I figured it out. She got to relive her last day of life. And that made me immediately think: groundhog day. Do you know that movie? It is about a guy that wakes up on the same day all the time. So that's why this book was for me groundhog day vs. High school teen drama
Did I envy Sam? First chapter: Not at all. Last chapter: Hellyeah. She transformed  into this girl full of confident, accepting life, and living her life like she is the only one thinking. I like her in that chapter. This book describes how to go form bitch to someone who's loved. And that's exactely why I love this book.
Then you have the ending. And I was surprised! A lot!!

5 awesome shining stars

final thoughts:
omg I want to read Delirium NOW!!! 


Shantal said...

I found your blog thru goodreads making connections group and now I'm following. :) I also love this book btw.

♥ Book nerds are pretty too

Mar said...

Thanks for the follow c: I follow you too
This book was awesome, right? :)
xo Mar

Anonymous said...

I recently read this, though I have my review scheduled for February. I agree that although I didn't hate the book, I absolutely hated Sam. She gets better by the end, of course, but I didn't like that she was still defending the terrible things her friends did on the basis they were still trying to figure out life. In the meantime, they are still deeply hurting people. Oliver obviously couldn't completely resolve the fact that she wanted her characters to be mean, but she didn't want readers to despise them.

The book itself was well-written, however, and engaging, and I would read more of Oliver's work because I assume some of her characters must be more relateable.