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Divergent by Veronica Roth

Hellowz everyone

First of all: happy 2012! <3
now here's a review for y'all ;)

book: Divergent
written by: Veronica Roth
genre: young adult, dystopian, fantasy
pages:  487
own / library / borrowed
release date:  May 3th 2011
series?:  yes, Divergent #1
publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

note: I feel very stupid for not having read this book before. I loved this book, and it's one of the best I've read this whole year. (and it's the last day of the year, so it means a lot when I say it's one of the best of the year) I do totally get why this is the book of the year on goodreads. This is my last review of the year, and I think that it's a good closer of the year, or however you say that :)

the book:
It is the future. Beatrice is just a normal girl, 16 years old. She looks younger, but doesn't know that because she can not watch into mirrors. That's because she belongs to the faction Abnegation. People in Abnegation are selfless. On her sixteenth birthday Beatrice has to choose which faction she wants to belong to. Amity, for the people that blame agression. Erudite, for the people that blame ignorance. Candor, for those who blame duplicity. Abnegation, for those who blame selfishness. Or Dauntless, for those who blame cowardice. One day before the choosing cermony, she has an aptitude test, which gives unusual results. Beatrice (later 'Tris') 's  life will not be the same after hearing the results. Which faction is she going to choose. With her choice she surprises everyone, including herself. Then she has to do the initiation tests. But they are harder than they seemed, will she make it to the Faction. During her initiation period friendship and romance play a big role in Tris's life.  But she has to keep her secret, no matter what price.

the book:
OMG I loved this book. Since it's the last day of the year, and the last 4 hours of the year and the last review of the year I will not review the book the usual way... (Okay, I'm just too lazy at the moment but I have to finish this review because it was AWESOME!)
Immediately when you start reading this book, you are sucked into Tris's life. Her life is very interesting, and first you want to be like her. Then you find out that she has a secret, and her life changes because of it. But she stays this awesome character, a strong female, even when everyone picks on her because she is from Abnegation and she looks younger than the rest. She kept on surprising me until the end of the book. 
Then there are the other characters, and some of them were evil, some were not what they seemed. Some were both. All of them were interesting. I want to know more about everyone! But I am most interested in Four. (Yes, his name says enough, it's very interesting, right?! Because you can choose your own name and stuff...) 
the book was beautifully written, not annoying at all, and I loved it, so much! I started reading this book in the middle of the night, and I couldn't put it down, so I read until 3AM. Then I had to stop but the next morning I finished it. In the end I saw it were 478 pages, and I felt like it were only 200. I want more. NOW!!!
The story was very interesting. I want to live in a world like that. It somehow reminded me of the history of the Italian city Siena, and it's history. That city was divided into factions (12 or something) and everyone belonged to a faction. You were born in a faction, and there were old friendships between the factions. Also there were the enemies, that would never be friends... This book with the factions reminded me a lot of that.
Then you have the love in this book, which was awesome. I cannot tell you much about it without spoiling, but I love love loved the romance in this book. 
This book also somehow reminded me of the Hunger Games. If you've read the Hunger Games and loved that series you will love that book!
This book was super interesting and I cannot wait till may for the sequal, Insurgent. 

I feel like answering a question I asked myself when I started reading. 
To which faction do I want to belong?
I do want to belong to Dauntless. The people in this faction seem fearless (almost fearless) and I want to be like them. Only, I know I will never be like them. I think I belong to the Erudite. Intelligence means a lot to me. I would not fit into Candor because I lie to easily, and I do not belong to the Abnegation because I could never be as selfless as them. I do also not belong to Amity, they are never fighting, even when I think they should fight, they won't. They seem weak to me. 

the ending:
I did have it all figured out before finishing the book. I figured out who Four really was. I figured out what would happen. But I did not care that I had it all figured out. It did not make this book less interesting. And there were still things that kept on surprising me :)

this book gets 5 stars (adôh) and I will call this one of my favourites of 2011, what a great honour ;)

xo Mar

and again, Happy new year! My brains hurt because of the lots of booms of the firework O.o 

(hey, this review did not turn out shorter but longer than usual. YAY :D the book was worth it!!)


Tabitha said...

Ahh! I want to read this book so much, and your review made me want to read this more. I'm a new follower(:

Mar said...

The book really is a great and awesome book. thanks for liking my review and following!

Tabitha said...

Yeah, your welcome (:

talia said...

this book is about beatrice a girls in the fraction of abernagtion and the day comes when she has the test to decied what fraction to be part of for the rest of her life after she makes here decision it practicaly flips here whole world up side down now she has to work hard to fit in to hid her secret this book is amazing for anyone who likes action or suspens.