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12/15/2011 = 1 month of blogging + bonus scene Clockwork Prince

YAY! One month of blogging :D

this month was great, I love to blog
Hope you loved to read my blogmessages (A)
I reviewed not enough books, but there will be more. And, when I have enough followers to recieve ARC's there will be even MORE *woopwoop*
So, tell your friends/followers/neighbours/classmates/ppl in libraries/whoever about my blog (sorry, hate spreading reclame, but I kinda have to :S )
and, follow me on twitter: @meTheBookLover

Thank you all for keeping me happy by following my blog this month (or days) 


(sorry failmoment of the day)

further more:
here is the link of the DSBS (dirty sexy balcony scene) made by VLCpictures
LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 I wanna keep on watching this over and over FOREVER

reading clockwork prince now, @page 100-something
hate it I can only read at night after 10PM and have 2go2 sleep for at least 5 hours every day.
Hate it being on school
(actually I don't, I just hate the fact that I cannot read as much as I want because of school...;c )

Hope You love the scene too :D

lots of more fun in the next months,years,decennia,... of my blog, I will blog 4EVER (agian, evil laughter)

xx Mar


Sam said...

I LOVED Clockwork Prince! Though the ending was a shocker. :)

Mar said...

almost done reading it (2/3) so I'll finish it tomorrow. I wanna know the ending now... But I do not wanna look xD