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The knife of never letting go - Patrick Ness

book: The knife of never letting go
written by: Patrick Ness
series? : yes, Chaos Walking  #1
own? : no, borrowed from the library :D 
genres: young adult, dystopian
publication date: may 5, 2008
publisher: Walker books
pages: 478 (!)
this book has won the Guardian Award in 2008!!

My god, I was so exited to read this book! Mostly because of the great title, but also because of the best first sentence ever!!
"The first thing you find out when yer dog learns to talk is that dogs don't got nothing much to say. 
About anything."

I am not really an animal lover, but I just loved Manchee

But enough for now... Here's the plot summary:
Todd lives in the New World. He lives in a settlement called Prentisstown. It is a town with a horrible history. There are no children, except Todd. There are no women. The animals talk, and you can hear everyone's thoughts, in the form of Noise. It is the worst sound you have ever heard, everyone is talking to you at the same time. Unstoppable. But then Todd has to get away from his town. He is almost becoming a man, that happens at your thirteenth birthday, but, in the New World one year has 13 months... He has to run away, and never ever turn around again. He can take with him only food, his dog and his dead mothers' journal. While running away from the town he meets a girl. He has never seen a girl before, because he thought they all died. He, the girl and Manchee, his dog, run away together. But they are chased by an army of all Prentisstown men. And they cannot hide, because of the noise. So they run. Away. But the army is unstoppable. Todd and the girl, who is called Viola, run towards a town called Haven. But will they ever reach it?

my opinion:
I totally hated the language in this book. It was written full of typos, strange language, very confusing for me, since my english is not very good. But if it were written different, it would have definitely have been one of my favourite books I have read this autumn. I liked the kind of 'romance' between Todd and Viola. They are not together or something (I think...) but they are just very good friends who would die for each other. 
There were parts of this book that made me cry, but there were also parts that made me laugh. I had never espected this ending, It was one I would shelve as torture-ending. I really totally HATE cliffhangers!!
The characters were all great, but I loved Manchee most... (strange, that's a dog O.o)
Loved the New World, but I do certainly not want to live in it!!!!

4.5 talking stars :D sorry, but the language was to irritating...

next review will be The Host by Stephenie Meyer, I will start reading it tonight.


Heidi said...

I need to read this one. I loved what he did with A Monster Calls!

Mar said...

I still haven't read A monster calls... Gotta get it from the library soon.
And Heidi, yer awesome! 1st comment <3