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the last little blue envelope by Maureen Johnson

The last little blue envelope by Maureen Johnson
Book:  the last little blue envelope
Written by: Maureen Johnson
Genres:  chicklit, travelling, young adult
Pages:  (my version) 255
Release date:  april 26th 2011
Own / library / borrowed
Series?:  yup, little blue envelopes #2
Publisher:  HarperTeen

Note:  I read this book in Dutch, not English. So I hope the names were translated the same. Loved that it was partly in Amsterdam, thanks from all Dutch fans to Maureen, we love you. Make sure you follow Maureen Johnson on twitter, her tweets are hilarious! @maureenjohnson

The book:  (spoilers if you have not read the first part…)
After going home without reading the last letter, Ginny starts applying to universities. There is only one thing she still has to do, answer the famous question every university asks: write about a life-changing thing that happened to you. When she decides to start this she sees she has got a new email. In that email, which was sent to her by an unknown stranger, stands that he has found her last letter. Ginny decides to go back to England to get the letters. Here she meets the one with her letter, Oliver, who decided that he wanted half the money the last painting of her dead aunt brought. Ginny had to agree. Also, she found out that her kind-of-boyfriend had found a new girlfriend. Together with him, his girlfriend and Oliver Ginny travels around Europe, looking for the last pieces of the painting.

My opinion on:
·        ~ the characters:  I love Ginny, she is so much like the writer, Maureen Johnson. She is crazy, funny and adventurous, I wished I were her! Then you also have Ellis, the new girlfriend. She is this super-talkative friend you must love. Also you have Keith and Oliver. Keith is a jerk in this book, and Oliver seemed one too, but as it turns out he was OK.
·       ~  the setting of the book: yay! Amsterdam! (sorry, but as you know I’m Dutch and I love to read what other people think of my country in books) There were a few prejudices about The Netherlands in this book. First of all; Drugs. Peepz, I know you also think about it this way, Dutch people are always stoned. Well, I have to say: not true. Then there was a part about windows that are always without windows. That part is true, only I have never thought about it the way she said it. My house also has no curtains for the biggest part, and where it has curtains they are only closed at night. Funny J
·       ~  the way the book was written: Funny, easy to read, full of humor, awesomeness.
·       ~  the cover:  since I’ve read the Dutch version, I will show you that cover next to the English cover, cover battle time <3

which cover do you like best? I prefer the dutch one actually... :)

4 stars go to Maureen Johnson’s the last little blue envelope <3 

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