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Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Pretties (Uglies, #2)            Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Book: Pretties
Written by:  Scott Westerfeld
Genre:  young-adult, dystopian
Pages:  my version – 370
Release date:  November 1st 2005
Own / library / borrowed
Series?:  Uglies #2
            Publisher:  Simon and Shuster

            I did enjoy part 1 – click here toread my review of Uglies! I did most certainly not regret reading #2

            The book:
           Tally has finally become pretty. She and Shay are the #1 Crims in town! Then Tally meets Zane, and he makes her feel bubbly. He makes her remember things she had forgotten with her new pretty brain. Then someone from the Smoke shows up on a party, and he gives Tally a clue to a cure for the brain lesion. Both she and Zane take the cure, aware of the risks. They decide to go to the Smoke again, this time hopefully forever…

My opinion:
·         on the book: the story is worse than the story of Uglies. I still liked it, but it just was not a book I loved.
·         on the characters: I still like Tally, even the pretty version of her, tough I think the other version of Tally is a way better. I also love Zane. I am not the team-choosing type of girl, but if I had to decide which team I was on I would choose team Zane, even though I did like David in Uglies.
·         on the way the book was written:  this is what I call a perfect improvement. The comment of me disliking the way book #1 was written does most certainly not count for book #2!
·         On the ending:  pretty surprising, but not a total cliffhanger. It still made me want to read the next book, but…
·         Total: While the quality of the content heightens, the  quality of the story and the characters lowers. I did still like the story, but not as much as I liked part one of the series. Still, I will read the next part, which is already lying next to me, so I can start reading instantly after finishing reviewing if I want to. But I guess I will not…

3/5 stars – not good, but not very bad either

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