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Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, #3)Hii peepz,
loved this book!! Here's my review

book: Beautiful Chaos
written by:  Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
genres: young adult, fantasy, paranormal romance
pages (my version): 516
release date: October 18th 2011
own / library / borrowed
series?: yes, the Caster Chronicles #3
publisher: penguin

note: I have loved this series since I've read them first (which was somewhere in 2011) and I have already reviewed #1, to see my review click here. It was one of my old reviews so it is not a very good one and I have lots of grammar errors... Sorry for that...

the book:
(spoilers if you have not read part 1 and 2... sorry for that but I couldn't get around it)
Ethan and Lena are finally happy together, and they just go to school again, like nothing happened. But actually everything has changed. Ridley is not a siren anymone, Link is now an incubus (Linkubus) and all the girls are after him. So you can actually say everything has changed. Ethan keeps on hearing a new song. Eighteenth moon. But they know it cannot be Lena's eighteenth moon. It has to be someone elses. 
Meanwhile the world is acting weird, because the order of things is broken. It has to be restored, or it will be the end of the world. The 18th moon keeps on coming closer, and the horror goes on. Will they survive?

my opinion on:

  • the cover: This is awesome! Seriously, when I opened my present and this book was inside I had to do the banana dance for 15 minutes at least :) I love my parents for giving me this book, because this is the most beautiful cover ever! (okay, maybe it is not but whatever) I have got the version with the silver letters <3 This book can stand on my book shelves forever!
  • the characters: I have always loved Ethan and Lena. And this book made me love Ethan even more. I want him as my boyfriend, he seems perfect. He is my fictional crush of the moment :D Only I hated Amma in this book... I have never liked her or something, but I did most certainly not like her in this book. Also, I did not love Lena as much as in the other books, because she was too jealours... This book made me like Link even more, and I got sympathy for John Breed and Saraphine aka. Izabel. The authors made an almost impossible job possible!
  • the casters:  I want to be a caster. The authors made casters such good characters with the light/dark claiming. Being a caster seems a great thing to do with your life. Or being a Wayward or Incubus. I want to have John's powers! I want to... (blah blah blah)
  • the way the book was written: Book was written just the way I like it :) 
  • the end:  Damn, this is a effing torture!! I have to wait so long for the next book it is impossible. Waiting one day made me crazy, but one effing year O.o I hate hate hate hate hate cliffhangers, and this is one of the best cliffhangers, and with that the biggest torture for me... I want to read the next part soo badly, I want to invent a time machine, go to the future, buy the book, go back and read it!  
Perfect awesomeness. Loved the book. Loved the contents, loved everything actually. You should go read it now! But do not start reading late, because you'll want to finish reading the book in one session. This book left me tired the day after reading, and I read it in 2 sessions. I only made the mistake to start reading 11PM, I should have never done that... This is a pageturner every teen girl who is into paranormal romance will love!

5/5 stars (obvious...)

x Mar-who-is-tortured-by-the-ending

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still have to make up my mind which one I want to read...

thanks to all my followers and other people that clicked on my page, you are awesome!


roro said...

great review

u should read halflngs next, wanna know how it it

Mar said...

Thanks :D
I will try to read it, actually I already started... I am on page 51 right now and I do still like it :)

MissKimberlyStardust said...

I couldn't get into the first book at all but since reading your review I might give the series another chance in the new year.

Off to read more of your reviews!

-MissKimberlyStardust @ TurningThePages.blogspot.com

Danmark said...

Kami Garcia and Margorat Stohl have done it again! They somehow manage to weave together a book better than the other two in the series: Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness.

The series is basically about Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes. They want to be together but Lena is a caster (magic stuff) and when the claiming moon claims her as either light or dark there is no way to stop it and if Lena goes dark then she wouldn't love Ethan anymore and might kill him. Ethan doesn't care which way it goes, he loves her either way. Lena wants to back off so she won't hurt him.