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a few of my old reviews

hi guys! 

I decided that I did not post enough reviews, so here are four of my old reviews

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

#1 of the caster chronicles.
categories: young-adult, fantasy, witches, romance
first tought: wow, the cover is awesome! have to read!!

This book is about Ethan. He is just a normal boy from a normal village in America, the kind of village you are born in and you die in. The kind of village you never leave, and the kind of village where everyone knows everyone and new people aren't tolerated. And that is what happens when a new girl, Lena, moves to the village. She is different, different from everyone living in the village. She is goth, and wears a strange necklace. But Ethan does not think of her as a stranger, he feels like he knows her, he has had dreams of her, and he is almost certain that she knows, too. Later he finds out she knows. He also finds out she is a Caster, a kind of Witch. She will be claimed on her 16th birthday, when her fate will be chosen for her. good or bad, Reece or Ridley. And, most important, love Ethan or forget about him? They search for a way to stop the curse, and find a locket that gives them visions about a past in which their ancestors lived. (totally the vampire diaries...) Meanwhile the villagers will start to hate Lena even more, and their fear for her uncle, Macon Ravenwood, will stay the same. That's because he never leaves house, and only rumours are what they know about him. And some people may not be what they always seemed to be. Lena and Ethan go through lots of stuff, while her birthday is still approaching...

my opinion:
this was totally amazing, I read the whole book, 568 pages or something, in 2 days, which is even for me very fast, since english is not my origin language. I like that the book is written by 2 women, but the main character is male, but they still made him interesting, and a good character. Maybe even one of the best characters I've lately been reading about. That's why I immediately after posting this message will start reading #2 of the series, Beautiful Darkness!
Also I love the topic of this book, history coming to the present, people not being who they seem to be, witches and, most of all, the part about fate.
Tough I love Ethan, I think the best character of the book is Lena Duchannes, which is strange because she is not the one you can read the toughts of. She seems very interesting, loving to read and a wannabe writer. I want to be like her, and have a room which 'wrote itself' that would be totally amazing!

So that's why this book will get a 9.2 out of 10!

Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

 Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley.
Categories: Young (maybe YA...) Fantasy, humoristic
First tought about this book: the cover is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
the sides of all pages are silver :D

The book is about Charlotte, a girl who is a nobody, and who wants to be a somebody at high school. She wants to have her midnight kiss at the school party. She wants to be bff''s with the most popular girl, but she never will, she dies.
but does life really end when you die? What if you haven't completed the one thing you really had to do. In that case, you go to the ghostschool, where you can still see people, but people can't see you. You have to stay there until you complete your final task. Charlotte meets new people at the ghostschool, but she does not want to let go her old, stupid, high-school life and all her classmates will start to hate her. Charlotte finds out that there is one human that can see her, Scarlett, the gothic sister of the most popular girl in school, the exact opposite of Charlotte. She and Charlotte can swap bodies, and they do. But both of them love the same boy, and that is a problem...
In the end everything will get right, and she can let go life

my opinion on this book:
this is a very very very very very very ... ... (it goes on for a long time) bad book!!! The main character is one of the worst I have ever read about, the story sucks, and all of it is predictable. And come on, she dies because she chokes on a GUMMY BEAR O.o (jeez, gummy bears really are dangerous)
She is a nobody that will never become a somebody. She is not even good at trying to be a somebody! She could just accept herself and be who she wanted to be, who she was, but no, she wanted to be popular so badly she died for it.

I will rate this book:
23 / 100 (haha okay that's a crazy rate...)
2 stars xD

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen, the Fallen series #1 by Lauren Kate

The cover is amazing :)
The book is Young Adult and Fantasy
If you love twilight you will love this book!! 

The book is about Luce, a character I do not really like... (okay, I hate her.)
She meets this boy, Daniel, and he starts by giving her the finger and stuff. And what does Luce do? She falls in love with him (totally obvious)
But he does not show any interest in her. she starts stalking him (seriously, stalking? creepy...)

(from here spoiler - alert)
Luce find out about her past, and that is were the book gets interesting. She finds out Daniel is an angel (a fallen angel) and that they were cursed to be together for eternity.
That doesn't seem very bad, but it gets worse... Every time they kiss, Luce will immediately catch fire and die. 17 years later she returns, she finds Daniel again, kisses him again and dies. and that for over 1000 years. He still is in love with her, and in this life they can kiss. They find out that if Luce gets killed this time, she will not return again. Some people attemt to kill her, but they don't succeed.
The book ends with a battle between good and evil, ending without a winner

I do like the book, but it will never be my favourite book. thats why I rate it 3 stars

rest of series
#1 Fallen (3 stars)
#2 Torment (2 stars)
#3 Passion (4.5 stars) (!)

hope you liked them!!

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