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The twilight saga part 4; Breaking Dawn the movie part 1

Finally I watched breaking dawn part one!! here's my review
-spoiler alert if you did not read the book!-

imbd: 4.0 / 10
metascore: 46 / 100
my rating: 2.5 / 5 stars

The plot:
Bella and Edward are getting married. They are madly in love. They leave for their wedding trip to isle Esmé, somewhere near Rio de Janeiro. Bella wants her 'human experience' and she gets it. But not without consequences.
- spoilers from here on -
She gets pregnant! The baby kills her from inside, but she wants to keep it, suddenly she has maternal feelings. The wolves do not want another creepy creature walking around in their territory, so they decide to kill Bella. Meanwhile Bella is just holding on to life. just. Jacob leaves his pack, and forms a new one, by himself. Bella's baby is born, it's a girl, Renesmee. Jacob imprints on her. Bella is still alive, now as a vampire. end of part 1

What I tought about it:
this part is as spoilery as possible, so don't read it if you don't want spoilers!
I was a twihard, but not anymore. I actually went to the cinema because I wanted to see if the movie was good, bad or very bad. To be honest, it was not good. But not very bad, either.
- The wedding scene
I did like the part of her wedding nightmare, that was some freaky stuff, pretty scary images. I did NOT like the real wedding, where Bella did not seem happy at all. You should be happy at your own wedding, right?! Oh, and I did really hate Bella's wedding dress! It was soo ugly!!
-The honeymoon part
Loved this part, it was the best! I also wanna live on isle Esmé! So goddamn beautiful... Also loved the romance between Bella and Edward, which was better than in all the other movies, and better than it was in the book! (but that was not an impossible task...)
- the Bella-is-pregnant-and-the-wolves-get-angry part
hated this part! It sucked, because this was my favourite part of the first half of the book. They made the baddest part of the whole saga out of one of the bestest scenes in the book. They completely ruined the part with the wolf conversation. Also, they screwed the imprint part of Jacob. The birth of Renesmee was so gross, Bella's face was looking like a skeleton covered in skin, almost grey. She was all covered in blood and stuff, and it was just, ew...
-the 'cliffhanger' ending
seriously, this so-called cliffhanger was not even that interesting, techincally you just see that Bella is still alive (or whatever you call it when you are an vampire) and her eyes are red.
- the volturi part in between the credits
I was walking away when I saw this part, which is just Aro saying that the Cullens have something (Renesmee) that they wanna have. More cliffhanger stuff -.-

Cycling home I was thinking:
What if the actors in twilight were not pretty? Would Twilight still be popular? I doubt...
2.5 stars, and they should be very happy with that...

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