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sunday evening boredom #1

Hi guys,

sunday evening boredom, hate it. I have been studying all day, 7 exams in the next three days (!), so I had to ;c
Now I have the feeling that I still don't know anything, that I ruined my whole weekend and I have a headache
Poor me! 

But enough with the sad talk :D
Let's make a weekly sunday evening boredom post!
- most stupid idea ever - 

sunday evening boredom #1
my top 5 most awesome ya paranormal romance covers :D 

#1 - the wolves of the Mercy Falls trilogy - Maggie Stiefvater

I just LOVE these bookcovers, all three of them. 
If you've read the book, they become even better
book one only one wolf - Sam -
on book two a girl - grace -  and a wolf - sam -
and book three with a boy - sam - and a wolf - grace -
most freakin' awesome bookcovers EVER!

#2 Matched and Crossed - Ally Condie

These covers are beautiful, and defenitely not a bad number 2!
They also tell a story, 
on book one you see the girl inside the bubble, the authorities, trying to get out
and on book two you see her getting out of the bubble, following her own will.
I just can't wait to read Crossed, after seeing this cover!

#3 Wither - Lauren Destefano

This cover is great, because it is so different. 
Nothing usual, not something you just think of
just like the book!
The cover is going on on the back of the book, but I did not find a good picture of it ;c

#4 Fallen - Lauren Kate

It's hard to admit, but I kinda love the cover of Fallen...
Liking the cover has nothing to do with the inside of the book, right?
I loved the cover, and started to read it, and then I found out it sucked.
And btw the cover of fallen is more beautiful than the other covers of the series ;)

#5 Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

This one was almost as hard to admit, or maybe even harder...
I am NOT a twilight hater, but also no twihard!
But I guess everyone has to admit that the cover fits the book so good...

- this are the best I could think of at the moment, and for this category! -

what should I make my top 5 (or 10) of next sunday evening?
put it in your comment!!

X Mar

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