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In my mailbox #1

Hello everyone

since everyone posts this weekly 'in my mailbox' posts, I decided I also needed it on my blog.
Only I will make it a little bit different, I will do the in my mailbox with my library books, because I do not buy books very often, I only borrow them... :$ 

In My mailbox - this week
I went to the library today :D lots of stuff to read

1) Plague by Michael Grant (dutch version) - I have already read it in English, but I loved it... so I'll just read it again :D
2) Queen of babble  by Meg Cabot (english)
3) Perfume by Patrick Süskind (own, secondhand shop) ( Dutch version)
4) Millie's fling - Jill Mansell (own, secondhand shop) (Dutch version)
5) Good at games - Jill Mansell (own, secondhand shop ) (Dutch version)
6) Love letters - Katie Fforde (own, secondhand shop) (Dutch version)
7) The other side of the story - Marian Keyes (own, mother's) (english + Dutch version... )
8) To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee (english) 
9) The demon Collector - Jon Mayhew (english)
10) The supernaturalist - Eoin Colfer (Dutch)
11) Schijndood - Simone van der Vlugt (Dutch only!) (will not review)
12) Een overdosis drama - Loes Hazelaar (Dutch only!!) (will not review)
13) Jeansgroße 0 - Brigitte Blobel (GERMAN) (will not review)
14) Before I fall - Lauren Oliver
15) Superstar - Anne-Marie Le Plouhinec (FRENCH) (will not review)

that's it!!
(wow too much)

If you have a suggestrion for what I should get on the library next time, please leave a comment below

xx Margot-who-has-lots-of-stuff-to-read

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