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Everlost by Neal Shusterman (Skinjacker #1)

the book: Everlost 
by: Neal Shusterman
bought / borrowed? : borrowed from the library
release date: august 22, 2006
pages: 303
publisher: Simon & Schuster
series: yes, Skinjacker trilogy #1

Allie and Nick, two kids aged 14, die in a car crash. They do not know each other. They are walking to 'the light' , but they are being stupid and they bump into each other. They are unable to reach 'the light'. Their souls do not go where they should. Allie and Nick become part of another world, which is located in our world. They are living in the everlost, and become afterlights. As soon as they wake up, 9 months after the car crash, they are 'welcomed' by one of the older afterlights, who has forgotten his name. He explains them about their new lifes. Allie calls him Lief (which is funny, because that means sweet in Dutch :) ) They cannot be seen by humans.
Allie and Nick want to go home. But that is not as easy as it seems. If they stand still they will sink to the centre of the earth! Still, they start walking home. They end up in New York, where the twin towers functionate as the afterlight-headquarter. (they are ghost-towers, so there you don't sink to the centre of the earth) Inside that palace, there is Mary. She is the 'mother' of all afterlights, and guides them. But she's not as nice as she seems. Allie is not happy with her life in the towers, and decides to go to the Haunter, because she wants to show her parents that she's still alive. During this trip Nick and Lief are captured, and Allie finds out that she has special powers, because she can move normal things using her willpower. 


Then the McGill (a monster) captures the Haunter, and Allie has to free Nick and Lief. She moves on board of a ghostship (which is very dangerous, because if you fall in the water you will sink to the core of the earth) and finds out that she also has the ability to skinjack. The McGill is very interested in learning to skinjack. He does not capture Allie btw. Allie pretends to teach the McGill how to skinjack, but actually she does not. The McGill starts to like her. She makes a plan, to free her friends and the other afterlights. 
In a final battle is revealed that the McGill is actually just a boy who forgot how he looked, and that he is the broter of Mary, who is actually called Megan. McGill is the surname of the 'monster' who is actually just called Mikey. Allie has almost sunk to the core of earth, but Mikey, who has fallen in love with her, saves her. Nick finds out that he and Mary are enemies. He has to free all children, but Mary won't let go of them. Nick saves lots of children by giving them their coins. 
(omg, I just typed all of that by myself O.o)

my review:
loved this book! I think it was written for children a little bit younger as me, but still I loved it!! Most of all I loved the character of the McGill, the monster who is actually just a boy. The way he hates everybody but loves Allie is kinda romantic, even when there is no romance shown at all. Also I like the world, the everlost. I  just want to believe in it, it seems so realistic. 
The author did a great job thinking of the plot of the book, and it was great. Also, the characters were not bad (in a twilight way) but great!
It took me quite long to read the book, not because it was hard to read, but just because it was sometimes kinda slow. But whatever :D 

Cannot wait to read part 2!

4.5 stars <33

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