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Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Specials (Uglies, #3)

Yo peeps, it's review time :D *puts on awesome face*

book: Specials
written by: Scott Westerfeld
genre: young adult, dystopian
pages:  my version - 372
own / library / borrowed
release date: may 9th 2006
series?:  Uglies #3
publisher:  Simon and Shuster

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the book:
the story continues. Tally is a Special now. She belongs to a special clique, the Cutters. They are special Specials, a special unique unit of people that were Crims. Tally, Shay and Fausto all belong to this groop of Specials. Tally is still in love with Zane, and he has survived his brain damage. Only, after seeing him again she cannot love him anymore, he is too different. Is her brain messed up again? She has her new Special powers, but she has to watch out and gain control over them, or she will destroy the world. While she and Shay trick Special Circumstances, they start a world-changing series of events, which should have never happened. While everyone Tally loves is in danger, she has to find herself again, but will she be able to do so...?

my opinion on:

  • the story in general: to me the story had gotten all of the same old. The same storyline kept on returning. First book she was ugly, then she met Shay and became Pretty. Then she was Pretty, but somehow Shay turned Special and Tally was forced by Shay (again) to become Special. Now Tally is Special, and the story is somehow the same, only she acts a little bit different because she is a different kind of 'thing'
  • the characters: Damn, The last 2 pages made me want to meet Tally, hug her. Made me want to be her best friend. She seemed so strong, all the way through the book. In the beginning of the book I kind of liked Shay (well, not like but not dislike, you know..) but later I started to hate her. Like, real hate. Then there are Zane and David and I cannot say much about them without spoiling, but the author really surprised me...!
  • the way it was written:  Very OK! easy to read, a quick read, almost perfect. Not this annoying american speaking language (no offense) all the time...  c:
  • the developing of the main character: Tally has gained even more of my respect during this book. She's had to make terrible sacrifices, had to suffer lots of pain and had to heal a broken heart, but she conquered the pain and survived, and came out stronger. She is a true warrior of her own battle! 
  • the end: This made me speechless. I still am speechless after reading this. I hate cliffhangers, and this was a cliffhanger, but also an ending of a trilogy. You can imagine this as the end of a series, and it kind of is because Extras (#4) has another main character...
some other things I wanted to say:
Dear Scott Westerfield, this series you've written rocked my socks. I do not want to leave it behind. I want to be best friends with Tally. I want to live in the world you created, as horrible as it may be. I want to have my own hoverboard instead of a bicycle and I want to have a bungeejacket. I want to thank you for writing this awesome series, and there are many other people who want to do that, I'm sure!

this book gets 4.8 stars, not 5 because it was a little bit repeating, but the rest of it was just perfect to me 

xo Mar who-is-still-crying-over-... *character*

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