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Manga Tuesdays; Let Dai

Manga: Manhwa (Korean Manga, more information below the rating): Let dai
Written by: Woon Soo-Yoon
Genres: Shounenai, romance, tragedy, drama, mature, psychological 
Volumes: 15
Chapters: 75
Anime: couldn't find anything so guess not.. own/ library/ borrowed/ read online
read online via the site: www.mangareader.net
completed/ ongoing
publisher: Net comics

Set in a soulless neo-Seoul ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, an amoral teenager named Dai is the living embodiment of the city's beauty and cruelty. As the leader of the vicious Furies gang, Dai seduces everyone who lays eyes on him, only to blind them to his own barbaric nature. When an honest schoolboy named Jaehee rescues a beautiful girl from being mugged by the Furies, he can't possibly realize how this brief encounter will plunge him into a downward spiral of unbridled passion and unfathomable pain. From his brutal gang initiation to an unspeakable act committed against his girlfriend, Jaehee wavers uncomfortably between revulsion and fascination. And in Dai he finds a tender, caring friend one moment and a heartless sociopath the next, awakening strange and unhealthy desires in Jaehee that he could never before have imagined.
(from: http://www.mangareader.net/let-dai )


Well Jaehee leads a quite normal and popular live until he meets Dai. He saves a girl after she's attacked by him and the girl falls in love, later she finds out her sister is also in love with him. Anyway Jaehee ends up having a really strange relationship with Dai in which he gets beaten up frenquently, but still has to meet him. Then one day the little sister follows Jaehee into a bad area (Jaehee is going to Dai) and get's gangraped by Dai's gang (had I already mentoined that Dai is a gangleader?) with Dai knowing it, because Dai is probably a bit jealous of her. The sister is found by Jaehee and the big sister and doesn't tell her parents. From then on Jaehee's relationship with Dai turns slowly into love. The big sister stays in love with Jaehee and is furious over his relationship with Dai. The little sister's situation get's worse and worse as she get's deeper in the depression of her traumatic experience.

Well it was a bit over the top, but honestly I kind of really loved that ^-^. Dai's and Jaehee's love is soooo sweet and innocent! And though the whole story was really old (I mean I read like twelve stories about gangleaders turning into softies as they meet their love) this is the one which I loved the most. I cried A LOT (but still nothing compared to NANA TT_TT ) and I actually got so depressed from reading it on one moment that I couldn't even react properly anymore when someone just stormed into my room without knocking! The art itself was also beautiful (I kinda fell in love with Jaehee....) really manhwa-ish. Only the ending REALLY SUCKED!!!! BECAUSE THAT !$@%^$#@$!#$ AUTHOR COULDN'T PROPERLY FINISH HIS STORY IT WAS AN OPEN ENDING!! and then I mean a really open ending! I actually spend half an hour loking for another chapter, because I couldn't make out of it that it was finished! anyway after a few days I even could accept that and considered it as a very professional way to end the story (okay.. I found a few sites with ideas how the story ended based on evidence in the story, so I kinda got my ending afterall...) Anyway, if want to try out reading shounenai, or you're already reading it but hadn't read this one yet. I would definitely recomment it :)

5 stars :D

Some things about Manhwa for non-manga readers :P :

Manhwa is a Korean cartoon or comic. There are lots of them in all kind of different genres. Of most Manhwa's  there is a new chapter released every month, so that's why some are ongoing (it also can be that the translation group is a bit slow. DON'T EVER GET ANGRY BECAUSE OF THAT THOUGH! Manhwa's are translated by volunteers, and not very much people speak both English and Korean well enough to translate them. If your bothered by it, join such a group! They are always looking for new members! Also editors and cleaners are needed!).
Nice thing about Manwha: written from left to right unlike manga.

some terms:
Shoujo= Manga for mostly teenage girls (it can be very childish, it can be really mature)
Shounen= Manga for mostly teenage boys (example: Naruto )
Josei= Manga for older women (the manga site says: late teenage and adult audiences, this is usually because the characters in the manga are not in high school anymore, this doesn't mean it's not fun to read if you are younger)
Seinen= Manga for older men (also for late teenage and adult audiences, also usually fun to read if you're younger)
School life= is sometimes quite interesting because the japanese school life seems very different than what I am used to
Shoujoai= girls love
Shounenai= boys love
Yuri = let's just say: the more advanced version of girls love
Yaoi= the more advanced version of boys love

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