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In my mailbox #9

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi @The story siren in which I tell what books I bought/borrowed/recieved this week.

I recieved only 2 books this week:

1) Extremely loud & Incredibly Close (Bought it)
I have wanted to read this book forever. And when I walked into my bookshop and saw this book, I just couldn't walk away without buying it. So exited to read this book!

2) Looking for Alaska by John Green (Library)
This is the only John Green book I haven't read. I love John Green, and people say that this is (one of) his best book(s), so I had to read it! The bad thing about it is that the library only had the Dutch edition of this book, so I'm going to have to read it in Dutch ;c But whatever, I just wanted to read it so badly I didn't care. *for those of you who didn't know it already, I'm Dutch.*

so what did you recieve in your mailbox this week?
Link back to your post in the comments below.

have lots of fun reading your (new) books!

xo Mar


Suzanne @ Paranormal Book Fan said...

I haven't heard of these books before. Hope you enjoy them

Mariana Schiavi said...

I love Looking for Alaska!I really hope you enjoy reading.
Have a good weekend.
Mariana - World of tori Vega.

Meredith said...

Both books are absolutely fabulous and are two of my favorite books. Although, I have to say- my favorite John Green is still The Fault in Our Stars. ;) Happy Reading!


Sam said...

Awesome mailbox! can you believe I have never read a John Green book? :D I need to change that soon!

Mundie Moms said...

I've not read Extremely loud & Incredibly Close, but I keep seeing around in various stores. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think about it. Happy Reading!

BookStacksOnDeck said...

I've been meaning to read Looking for Alaska for awhile! Hope you like it! :D

Chi Kittie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Bittersweet Enchantment and leaving such a nice comment. I hope you enjoy your new books.

- Beckie