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I don't know if you are all familiar with wattpad. Wattpad is a great way to connect with authors, and to 'publish' your own creative outbursts online. You can read thousands of free ebooks -some edited, some aren't. - And there are lots of on-going books you can read chapter by chapter. 
Wattpad is mostly used as an app for smartphones, but you can also use if via your computer/laptop. You can do this via www.wattpad.com :)
On wattpad you can creat an account, vote on stories and fan people, so you get updates about them and new chapters they added to their stories.
Then there are the annual wattyawards. These are a great oppotunity for aspiring writers to get published. Also, it's just fun to participate in the wattyawards, no matter if you win or lose.
I myself don't participate in them, because I haven't put any of my stories online. It would be unreadable for 99% of the planet's inhabitants, since it's all in Dutch, a language hardly anyone speaks. -Yeah, I'm from the Netherlands-
SwEeT MaDnEsS (Watty Awards 2012)Anyways, wattpad is a great way to discover new books, and to connect with the authors of some of your favorites. Make sure to check it out sometime :)

Now I will tell you something about one of the favorite wattpad books I have read. It's called SwEeT MaDnEsS and written by a girl who writes by the name cold_lady19.
It's a story about a girl who is haunted by a demon. She keeps on confusing real life and non-real life. Arix, the author, really is great at making me believe the non-reality things. Or are they real...? It's a great mystery and horror story, and those are 2 of my newly favorite genres. I fell in love with this story from the first few sentences. A nice way of writing, amazing plot, and it kept on surprising me! I just can't believe it hasn't been published in book format already!

read SwEeT MaDnEsS online for free at wattpad! Do it now :) http://www.wattpad.com/story/810374-sweet-madness-watty-awards-2012

Do you have a wattpad account? post a link to it in the comments and I'll fan you :)


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