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Fresh on my shelves Friday #2

I have decided to stop participating in In My Mailbox. Still, I loved the idea behind this meme. I wanted to continue posting about the books I recieved for review. So, I decided to start a new meme, which you can also use. It was inspired by In My Mailbox, by The Story Siren. In this meme I show you which books I bought/borrowed/recieved over the past week(s)

Hi there, it's friday :) What's fresh on your shelves?
I had an aweful lot of amazing books this week :D

furhtermore, I got some amazing books from the authors;

That's about it. What did you get on your shelves / ereader / ... this week? link back to it below :)
xo Mar


Ethan said...

Looks like you got a good variety of novels! It was a slow week for me. I got "Blood of Heroes" by James Donovan. Its a look at the battle of the Alamo which, as a native of San Antonio, TX, really interests me.

Interesting thoughts!

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Thanks for your fantastic blog!

bookworm105 said...

Ooooh! City of Lost Souls! Looking forward to the reviews! =D