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A greyhound of a girl by Roddy Doyle

book: A greyhound of a girl
written by: Roddy Doyle
series? nope
genre: death, middle grade
pages: 208
own / library / netgalley
publication date: may 1st, 2012
publisher: ABRAMS

note: thanks to Amulet books and Netgalley for giving me the oppotunity to read and review this book, it has been an awesome read!

the book: 
Mia's best friend moves out of town, and just when her normal life is changing, she meets a strange woman, who looks as if she comes from another time. Also, she says she knows her grandmother, who lies in the hospital.  Who is the woman and how on earth does she know her grandmother? When her mother finds out that she is talking to strange women, she wants to meet this women. And it's a total shock to find out who she is!

my review:
This book was not a book I'd have chosen to buy in my bookstore, mainly because it's a middle grade book. But I must admit that I love the cover!!
This book is great in some ways. It shows you the value of family and how you take after your family, even when you look completely different! The characters are good, not annoying to read from their POV's! The story was pretty predictable, which made it kind of boring at some parts in the book. Also, the changing point of view was difficult to read sometimes. And the book did not have a lot of pages, which made it a very very very quick read. I get that it's a children's book, but still I would have written a thicker book...
But everything else was OK! I think my little sister would love this book, too bad she can't read English books...

There was one major problem I had with this book. A quote below:
"she read a bit of her book, Twilight. And not even the story - it was the best story she'd ever read and she'd seen the movie seven times- could not keep her awake"
I think this quote represents the innocence of the girl, and shows us how this twelve-year-old girl behaves, infected with the Twilight-virus. Sorry if you like twilight *sigh* but I get that this story couldn't keep her awake :S *yes, I had the twilight virus at that age, I know the feeling...*

I would recommend this book to 8-12 year old readers who value family and friendship, and like funny ghost stories. :D

I give this book 2.5/5 stars :D

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