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Manga Tuesdays; Lying Mii-kun and broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies

Manga: Lying Mii-kun and broken Maa-chan: Precious Lies
Written by:  author: Iruma Hiruma
                         Artist: Satou Atsunori
Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Volumes:  1,  5 chapters
Anime: no
own/ library/ borrowed/ read online
read online via the sites: www.mangareader.com
completed/ ongoing
publisher: Kadokawa

The setting is a rural city in which kidnapping and series of murders are happening simultaneously. Eight years ago, a boy and a girl were kidnapped and suffered through the hands of their perpetrator. The victims, the compulsive liar "Mii-kun" (the narrator), and "Maa-chan" (Misono Mayu) reunite and start living together, despite the fact that the recently reported missing children were within Mayu's apartment...source: http://www.mangareader.net/lying-mii-kun-and-broken-maa-chan-precious-lies


Oh, how I love this manga.... Though it's just 5 chapters long, I could read it three times without getting bored of it, because it's quite complicated and I just understood it the second time I read it. Now I believe I've already read it like five times, just because I love it's wickedness :D
I actually want to tell a lot more about this story but since it's a mystery I will spoil it...  anyway in this manga there are a lot of surprising events, lots of people are not who you think they are and even in the last few pages the story is a twist. I really would recommend reading it at least twice because it's cool to see the hidden like 'messages'.  
I think I also really loved it since it includes three of my favourite genres (tragedy, psychological, romance, though the romance is lacking) especially the psychological part is really good in this manga.
The art is also very nice, quite simple, more like most animes are drawn, but I think it fits the story and I like it more than in most mangas with seinen.
For the ones who are into it, it also contains a bit of blood and stuff, not too much, but what do you expect for a manga of 5 chapters.
Overall it's really good, you should just go and read it :D

5 stars

Some things about manga for non-manga readers :P :

Manga is a Japanese cartoon or comic. There are lots of them in all kind of different genres (really from porn to manga for little girls). Of most mangas there is a new chapter released every month, so that's why some are ongoing (it also can be that the translation group is a bit slow. DON'T EVER GET ANGRY BECAUSE OF THAT THOUGH! Manga's are translated by volunteers, and not very much people speak both English and Japanese well enough to translate them. If your bothered by it, join such a group! They are always looking for new members! Also editors and cleaners are needed!).
If you are too lazy to read, of most mangas there is an anime to watch ;)
If you consider reading manga pay attention! Manga is written from right to left!

some terms:
Shoujo= Manga for mostly teenage girls (it can be very childish, it can be really mature)
Shounen= Manga for mostly teenage boys (example: Naruto )
Josei= Manga for older women (the manga site says: late teenage and adult audiences, this is usually because the characters in the manga are not in high school anymore, this doesn't mean it's not fun to read if you are younger)
Seinen= Manga for older men (also for late teenage and adult audiences, also usually fun to read if you're younger)
School life= is sometimes quite interesting because the japanese school life seems very different than what I am used to
Shoujoai= girls love
Shounenai= boys love
Yuri = let's just say: the more advanced version of girls love
Yaoi= the more advanced version of boys love

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