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Fallen in love by Lauren Kate

book: Fallen in Love
written by: Lauren Kate
genres: romance, fantasy, young adult
pages: 201
own / library / borrowed
release date: 24th of January, 2012
series? yup, Fallen #3.5
publisher: Random House

note: I do not like the fallen series, and I do not like short 'in between' stories, so it is not very surprising that I did not like this book. This review will be honest, but I'll tell you one thing, if you like the Fallen series you might not like this review...

the book:
The book contains 4 short stories:
  1. The story of Miles and Shelby
  2. The story of Roland
  3. The story of Arianne
  4. The story of Luce and Daniel
The stories are all about the same Valentine's day, which they all spend with different people. Also, this book contained an excerpt from Rapture, the final installment in the Fallen series.

my review:
when I read about this book, I was like: 'NOOOO now I have to read this book, too. Why can't she just give me Rapture now so that I'll be done with this series, and can leave it all behind?! Lauren Kate decided to torture is with some 'romantic' stories about the Fallen characters. I still have problems with most of the characters. My main problem lies with Luce. I mean, she annoys me more than Bella Swan, which is almost impossible. She falls in love with a guy that pretends to hate her, then she finds out that she may combust when she kisses him, and she is not scared at all (?) and then she runs away because she wants to know about their past. 
This book added nothing special to the series, it was just another book that had nothing to do with the story, but was just written for the 'fun' of the readers. Well, I like to read something in an 'in between' story that gives me more information about the next book, not something that just makes everything more complicated.
The first story *Shelby and Miles* was not very romantic at all. Basically, I have already forgotten what it was about *sigh* The second story *roland* was better. It showed me that angels and humans can't be lovers, and it'd be a great thing if Luce and Daniel finally figure that out.
In the third story I had a WTF-moment. *MAJOR SPOILER* Arianne is Lesbian *end of the spoiler* sorry just had to tell you... So that was my WTF moment in this story. I think it was the best story, tough it was strange... She was being 'I am good, or I am evil and my lover loves me' which shows us that the lover does not love her at all, otherwise she wouldn't have to choose -.- How come these stories do make people cry?!
And finally, the Luce-Daniel Story. The only Valentine's day they have ever spend together. How heartbreaking *cough* *ahem* Seriously, this piece of the book made me want to step into the book, walk towards Luce and slap her into the face. Or even worse. I just can't stand her... 
And then I read the excerpt from Rapture, and I found out that I would not like this book, but that I had to read it, so that I could have finished the series and continue with my life.
This book made me see that being alone is not always bad, because being together can be awful. I did not like Valentine's day before, and now I hate it... Maybe this is just not my kind of book...

1 star... Sorry...

what did you think of this book? Share your review/your thoughts in the comments, please!

xo Mar

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