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An abundance of Katherines by John Green

book: An abundance of Katherines
written by: John Green
genres: romance, drama, humor
pages: 227
own / library / borrowed
release date: september 9th, 2006
series? nope
publisher: Dutton Juvenile

note: holy crap I loved this book. I would change my name to Katherine for you, Colin <3

the book:
Colin is not like any other boy, he is a child prodigy. He speaks lots of languages, and is very good at mathematics. Actually he is good at everything, including getting dumped. There is something special about his type of girl. He only dates Katherines, he always likes Katherines. But also, Katherines never ever like him. Colin is heartbroken after Katherine XIX broke up with him, and decides to go on a roadtrip with his best friend Hassan. They end up in a small town, Gutshot, Tennessee, where they start to live. Colins starts working on a theorem, which should be able to show a relationship, and also predict the future. Will Colin succeed in doing this or will he fail, for the first time in his life?

my review:
Holy sh*t!!! John Green, you are genius! The characters you create are real, the stories you write are unusual, which makes them new in their category, and with that special and awesome! Colin is a very, very smart boy, but you will see that he is also just a normal teenager, who will be left heartbroken every time he is dumped *which was quite an amount of times, btw* and has the same problems as everyone else has with friends and being popular.
I think the cover may scare the hell outta people, because they see all the math signs. I, as a math nerd, immediately fell in love with the book, only after seeing the cover. The book was full of math, but that did not make it more difficult to understand or boring.
Also I loved all the anagramming in this book. I, as one, love to anagram, but am just not very good at it. This book made me want to improve my anagramming skills, and that's a good thing. right? Dingleberries! (a word with lots of possibilities to anagram, try yourself)
The book was written and edited very well, not very hard to read, just an average level of difficulcy, which made it readable for people like me, whose English is not very good.
John Green, of whom I read one other book, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, seems like the #1 writer I discovered in 2012. and I'm sure I'll read more of his books. Actually two of his other books *Paper towns and the fault in our stars* are already lying on my shelves, about to be read by me :D
The story was great, the characters felt like friends and I feel like I have actually learned something after reading this book. Did you know that in every shower there is a tiny little small whirlpool, that causes the shower curtain to move inwards? I did not before reading this book.
And John Green, the one Dutch word you used *paardenlul, p. 178* made my day. Really, it made me laugh that of all swearwords of the Dutch language you use this one, one I have never used before :D *no, I'm not gonna translate it, look it up on google translator if you're interested :P*

I guess I could go on talking about how much I loved this book for days, but I have to go change my name to Katherine :P *just kidding*

5+/5 stars FTW

xo, Mar

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Theta Sigma said...

I've seen a few mixed reviews for this book.

However, after the sharpness of the writing for The Fault In Our Stars, I'm looking to give some more John Green books a go.