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The Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

book: The Diary of a young girl
written by: Anne Frank
genres: holocaust, literature, non-fiction, young adult
pages: depends on language... abt 300
own / library / borrowed
publisher: a Dutch press ;)

this is the only book I've got 2 copies of, which seems ridiculous to most people, but I just love to read them both *it are the Dutch and English version...* so I've read this book 7 times now, and it still made me cry... *sigh*

the book:
the Diary of Anne Frank *sorry, I'll call it like that* was written during the second world war. Anne was a jewish girl, and she had to go into hiding, or the Nazis would come for her and her family and put them into concentration camps. When Anne goes into hiding in the 'Secret Annexe' (I will call it the 'achterhuis'!) she writes everything that happens in her diary. After the war this diary was published, and became holocaust literature, and it's now translated in 37 (or more) languages. The diary was officially written in Dutch.

my review;
first of all, everyone should read this book. Some will not like it, but it is all written so honest. Anne writes about her life to her imaginary friend, Kitty, in her diary. She deals with normal teen problems most of us have (had) to deal with and not whining about how terrible the war is anytime. You can see on her writing which mood she was in, and to me that was just funny. When she was angry she used words she would never use when she was happy and vice versa. This is easier to see in the Dutch version btw...
This book is so special because everyone knows how to end. Everyone knows that everytime you turn a page her life gets shorter. Everytime you read about her dreams you know they will never come true, or at least most of them won't. And you, as the reader, already knew her life would end on the final page of this book.
As a dutch girl, I think it touched me even more than most not-dutch people. *or maybe not...* because I know all the things she is talking about. I know the cities, know the types of food, clothing, and other culture bits in this. And that makes this story feel so close, as if Anne was the girl next door...
Haven't you read this book yet? You should read it sometime in your life! It's not boring at all ;)
You will be drawn into this story, feel as if you are Anne's friend , Kitty, and this book will never let go of you!
Anne's dream came true, she became a writer, and her story changed lifes of lots of people

well, not a great review, more of a praise I think. But reviewing literature is difficult xD

5 stars!

xo Mar


Theta Sigma said...

A well written piece about this book.

I read it after watching the BBC adaptation of it and you see the hopes and dreams of a normal teenager mixed with the madness of such an awful period in our history.

You did the book justice.

Dalene @ A Date with a Book said...

Definitely a favorite book of mine from my younger years. I've been debating a reread and probably should just do it. Great review :)