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Tour stop - Guest post by Ednah Walters

Today's Tour stop is for Betrayed, by Ednah Walters. She has written a great guest post on the difference between writing YA and Adult romance. Make sure to check out Betrayed! I absolutely loved it and will post my review soon.

Meet Ednah Walters, author of Betrayed, a YA paranormal romance novel.

Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon. But trouble looms in the Guardian enclave. Bran is pulling away from her and her best human friend is in trouble, and it's all Lil's fault

The Difference between Writing YA and Adult romance:

Writing both YA and adult romance can be challenging but at the same time rewarding.

Is it easy? No, but the yo-yo-ing back and forth does wonders to my creativity.
The best part of writing YA is experiencing first love through the eyes of a teenager. Teens are not burdened by what the guy does for a living and the future, past relationships and the baggage that comes with them. They focus on each other and their love, which is intense and all consuming, and that is enough for them.

Try to write something similar for adult romance and the story comes across as unrealistic.

1. When writing adult, I keep the sensuality level high. The kissing scenes are more descriptive, feelings from every part of the body are described. When writing YA, I pretend that my characters are dead waist down. Heck, make that dead neck down. I absolutely do not mention blood rushing to the, uh, lower extremities or the chest.

2. When I write adult romance, I can draw from my own experience, the heartache of dealing with a difficult man, the compromises, the jaded way adults look at different situations. Writing YA, I try to get inside teenagers’ head by watching teen TV series, listening to my kids and their friends talk about high school, cliques, understanding their angst, the “I’ll absolutely die if he talks to me…or, I’ll die if he dumps me…” things that drive grownups nuts but make perfect sense to teens.

3. I keep the dialogue simple for my YA… Having a 19 and 15 year old around the house helps. I read aloud dialogues and they go, “Mom, no one talks like that.”
“I did when I was a teenager,” I retort but I always listen to them.

 5. Last, I find a way to make my YA soul mates. Why? Because they are still teenagers. They will go to college or rejoin their pack, their den, return to their parallel world or planet before they can come back to be with the hero or heroine. The bottom line is they must have their HEA but it is not going to happen when she is 16 and he’s 17 or 19. Soul mates in adult romance sounds contrived unless it is paranormal.

Happy Reading.

*disclaimer: this guest post was written by Ednah Walters, author of Betrayed. I was not paid to post this guest post.*

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