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Breaking Dawn part 2 full movie trailer

So, as you might know I'm not a real Twilight fan. But this trailer showed up and I just watched it.
Well, my opinion on Twilight hasn't changed, although the movies are getting better and better (BD #1 is the exception, it was horrible) And now the BD#2 trailer is released. The acting got a little bit better.

The most exiting part of the Twilight series (the gathering of all vampires + fight) will be in this movie ^^

I absolutely hate it that Bella is a vampire now, because she isn't worth to be one. She should have died somewhere in the first book. *don't hate me, please* , and they completely screwed up the role of Renesmee in the movie. -well, that's my opinion again.-

Will I watch it? - Probably sometime in my life, but not on the premiere night
Will I hate it? - A big chance I will.

So, do you like Twilight, and will you go to the cinema for this movie? Share your opinion on this trailer in the comments :)

Here's a link to the full trailer:

Love, Mar

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