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Armchair BEA day 2 + 3

Sorry for posting late, but I am extremely busy at the moment. Day 2 of Armchair BEA is here. In this post I'll present my 2012 favorites; I will only feature books that were (/ will be) released in 2012. Enjoy :)

Links will lead you to my review :)

As you can see there are some very well known books (1,2,3,4,6,8) and some books that are less known but worth to be known books (5,6,9,10) 
BTW, Did you know that Pandora's Key just got a BEA Award? How amazing is that?! 
What are your 2012 favorites? Tell me in the comments.
and I'm so sorry about this extremely short post. 

Love, Mar

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loreleimarsh said...

I enjoyed Pandemonium as well! I haven't read much that was released this year as I'm still playing catch up from last year. Thanks for sharing though! Tattooed Books