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Manga Tuesdays; Do You Want to Try!

Manga:  Do you want to try
Written by: Cha, Kyung Hee
Genres:  Romance, Drama, Comedy, Shoujo (Tragedy)
Volumes:  5
Anime: 18
own/ library/ borrowed/ read online
completed/ ongoing

When the hot-tempered Han Hye Won accidentally insults the handsome jjang of Han Hwa Go, Sun Woo Bin decides to pay her a visit...with his entire motorcycle gang, ready to see some blood. So how does that lead up to a kiss and the infamous captain begging for a date? Do you want to try?
Source: Esthétique

It all starts in a fake relationship, but (as you probably had expected) the relation between Sun Woo Bin and Han Hye Won grows out into real love, but a lot of serious things happen to Han Hye Won because her boyfriend is a jjang.

I quite liked the manhwa (when I finally got the story), though it was a quite common story about a beautiful girl falling in love with a gangster/delinquent (if you like this kind of stories I would recomment Koizora and Akuma de sourou).  The annoying thing is that it's really confusing (especially at the beginning of the story) and it's all a bit rushed, especially the end, which I really hated, because I think it went a bit like this: ''Happy endings are too mainstream... why don't we let somebody die in the end? Hmmm, which one should we choose... the main characters? Nooo, they are too important that's too sad... Hmmm how about this one? He's quite important but not too important so the reader will be sad but not too sad and so it won't have a real happy ending. That's perfect!'' WELL F#$%^& YOU THAT WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER THAT YOU JUST DECIDED TO KILL YOU @&$H***. But the art was very pretty :) Anyway, that brings me to my lowest rating so far,

2 stars

Some things about Manhwa for non-manga readers :P :

Manhwa is a Korean cartoon or comic. There are lots of them in all kind of different genres. Of most Manhwa's  there is a new chapter released every month, so that's why some are ongoing (it also can be that the translation group is a bit slow. DON'T EVER GET ANGRY BECAUSE OF THAT THOUGH! Manhwa's are translated by volunteers, and not very much people speak both English and Korean well enough to translate them. If your bothered by it, join such a group! They are always looking for new members! Also editors and cleaners are needed!).

some terms:
Shoujo= Manga for mostly teenage girls (it can be very childish, it can be really mature)
Shounen= Manga for mostly teenage boys (example: Naruto )
Josei= Manga for older women (the manga site says: late teenage and adult audiences, this is usually because the characters in the manga are not in high school anymore, this doesn't mean it's not fun to read if you are younger)
Seinen= Manga for older men (also for late teenage and adult audiences, also usually fun to read if you're younger)
School life= is sometimes quite interesting because the japanese school life seems very different than what I am used to
Shoujoai= girls love
Shounenai= boys love
Yuri = let's just say: the more advanced version of girls love
Yaoi= the more advanced version of boys love

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