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2 years of Twilight - what happened?!

Hellowz peepz! I just found out that exactely 2 years ago I opened twilight for the first time! To me twilight means a lot. I do not like twilight, but it has influenced my life in many ways. Below I will post some short reviews and after that I will explain how twilight has changed me.

Twilight (twilight #1) - Stephenie Meyer

the book:
Well, I guess we all know the story. Bella moves to her dad, who lives in Forks. There she meets Edward and his vampire family. She falls in love with him and he falls in love with her. Edward says they cannot be together. Then Bella gets hunted by James, and she almost gets killed. THE END (yeah, really, Stephenie Meyer wrote a whole 400-something pages book about that...)

my review: 
I gave twilight 3 stars, with some reasons. 
- why not 5?!
1) I do hate Bella! There is no book character that annoys me more than she does. She is the most unfeministic character ever. She falls for Edward, because the way he looks. She does not care that he only loves her because of the way she smells. Just... she is stupid! Worst role model ever!!
2) The pace of the story: It takes Bella and Edward too long to declare love to each other, like a way too long!! and when they finally have, they cannot be together. The ending seemed pretty interesting, with Bella almost getting killed. But no, more of the "Edward I love you, let me be a vampire and we can be together forever" "No Bella I won't let you be a vampire, it's too dangerous" thing. I do like romance in books, but please, keep it a kind of realistic...?
3) all the random shitty things that happen in the book. Seriously, A fucking baseball game?! OMG why does this have to be so stupid? And there are way more of this random things that sucked...

so that's why it was not worth five stars. But I cannot give it one, I want to but I just can't. That's because I did love twilght. I walked into the library 2 years ago, took the book and read it in one session. I loved it. I was 12. Twilight changed my life. But more about it later...

the movie: 
 you don't want to know how many times I have seen the movie... I have never liked it but I can say everything they are going to say in the movies, before they open their mouths. I can even say the first 5 or so minutes without looking at the movie. superfail... I loved (LOVED) the movies (past tense!!) because it made me think I was older, because only older girls (older than 12) watched movies like twilight in the Netherlands....

and after that; let's more on to book 2
New moon by Stephenie Meyer (twilight #2)

the book:
basically this one comes to: Bella and Edward are happy. But Edward doesn't want to be happy for some reason and moves away from Bella, becuase he's to dangerous. Bella cries for three months or sth and becomes friends with Jacob, who turns out to be a werewolf. (things get crazy, she's a magnet for crazy things...) Then she jumps of a cliff (not suicide, for fun) and Edward thinks she's dead so he wants to die and moves to the Volturi, some old vampire kings in Italy. They have to kill him but Bella saves his ass and they are happy back together again -.-

and it gets worse... 2 stars cuz I had to give it at least 2...

More of Bella, she annoys me more. Edward is crazy stupid, creepy. He almost comitted suicide for someone he cannot be with but still 'loves' for no known reason. Whatever. Then you have Jacob, and he seems normal, even awesome, until you find out he is a werewolf, and he changes everything. But I definitely am team Jacob...

as much as I hate the story, so much did I love this movie. Because Taylor Lautner is super hot *drools* But besides that the movie sucks. Not interesting at all.

and book 3:
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
the book:
Bella and Edward are back together, but once again Bella's life is under threath. This time Victoria wants to kill her, because Edward killed James, her lover. Vampires and Werewolves have to work together to kill her and her army of vampire fledglings. In the end she is killed. None of the good ones dies, Jacob gets hurt because of own selfishness. Edward proposes to Bella. She says yes, but wants to have sex first. END

 This book was not as bad as the first 2, so 3 stars
Bella did annoy me still, but there was this awesome fight (not awesome, but at least there was a fight) and I liked Victoria... Also, I was hoping all the time Bella would die in the fight, and become a vampire or just die. Then in the end they are getting married, and that is the worst, most horrible ending ever. EW...

liked this movie best of all movies. Because there was this fight, and Taylor Lautner was hotter than in New Moon... Not much to say about the rest of the movie actually...

finally, the ending, book 4:
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
the book:
Bella and Edward still love each other. They marry and coincidentally Bella gets pregnant. The baby almost kills her. Bella becomes a vampire. The baby half vampire is called Renesmee. Jacob gets imprented on Renesmee. The Volturi gets angry because they think it's a vampire and not half vampire. There is a battle. The Cullens win. Happily Everafter

this one is the one I both hate and love the most. I read this book and hated the first part from Bella's POV.  It did SUCK!! Bella was worse than ever, a wannabe mother from a child that almost killed her. Then she finally gets her wish, becoming a vampire. YAY good for her... Then you have part 2 from Jacobs POV, the best part of the book because it has almost no Bella in it <3 Still the actual story is crap. The third part is about the preparations for the battle. It's awesome to meet some more vampire things and all their powes are pretty interesting. This part was actually not that bad at all... :D and the ending was bad. Like, really bad. I can remember it...

"And we walked into our own perfect piece of forever"

seriously, those the end words made me smile, no more twilight, never. But I'd forgotten one thing:

the movie:
Ew, the movie was in one word disgusting! I posted my review of the movie Breakind Dawn part 1 on my blog, so if you want to read more of the review read it... 
They made this 2 parts. Yikes, I want to see the movies to have this whole twilight thing finished off, but it takes me too long --'

how on earth can this series of crap influence my life?
This is a question I have asked myself a hundred times. But I will never find the answer... I guess...

what did twilight change about me?
good changes:
- I started reading more fantasy books. Then I started reading more books about vampires and then I started reading more English books. Then I started reading paranormal romance and now I have found my one ultimate addiction: YA fantasy books

Bad changes:
- I became a different person. Twilight made me a worse person. I started to swear a lot after reading Twilight. I started to read other books. I changed from nice to everyone into nice to friends only. I stayed up late every night, I watched movies children aged 12 should never watch (Paranormal activity and stuff.... still scares the hell outta me :$) I did not listen to people anymore

But, twilight made me see who I was, or made me see how to make me the one person I wanted to be. So that's why I think twilight did change me in a kind of good way, but people surrounding me think it mainly changed me in a bad way. 

So my twilight period is a kind of black period in history for me, but also it is a great part of my life. So I will not say thank you to Stephenie Meyer, bus I will not kill Ms. Meyer for her horrible books ;)

are there books that changed your life? how? I want to hear your stories too!

xo Mar

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